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arrow product MICROLINE 1120

  • 4 million character ribbon life
  • 9-pin print head with OKI Printing Solutions reliability
  • Up to 375 characters per second print speed
  • High duty cycle and low maintenance means more productivity
  • 10% faster than the leading competitors
  • Zero Tear Capability prevents waste
  • USB as standard for even more flexibility

Small in size, these incredibly reliable dot-matrix printers give you all the compatibility of the leading competition, but with the added reassurance of OKI Printing Solutions' renowned reliability in the SIDM market. Perfect for businesses that demand value for money, but don't want to compromise on price or performance.


arrow product MICROLINE 4410


Oki know-how, excellent build and durability goes into every ML4410 flagship

  • Super speed, 136 column dot-matrix printer
  • Ideal for purchasing and distribution applications (up to 10 part paper)
  • Dual 9 pin ultra-reliable printhead
  • 1066 characters per second print speed
  • Multi-part paper handling (original + 9 copies)
  • Ideal for high volume tasks such as accounts, finance and IT - suberb speed for listings and computer printouts

The Microline 4410 is the flagship model in Oki's Microline range. Every component and feature has been designed to ensure this printer is capable of handling multi-part listings at extremely high speeds with Oki's traditional levels of reliability. Major applications include high-volume printing of continuous forms, e.g. listings, logistics documents, labels and heavy papertypes. A printspeed of 1066 characters per second (at 10 cpi) and high reliability ensure that your printing needs are met with the highest levels of efficiency. The Microline 4410 maintains high levels of reliability throughout it's huge range of operating conditions. The printer has 2 in-built push-tractors with paper-park facility. The metal tear-off bar has also been designed with function in mind and enables easy tear off of up to 10 part paper.


arrow product MICROLINE 5791


Wide carriage 24-pin dot matrix perfect for front desk printing in retail and service industries

  • Flies through up to 7-part forms and reports at print speeds of up to 576 characters per second (cps) for speedier transactions.
  • 24-pins deliver sharper, detailed text.
  • Scalable fonts for superior print quality.
  • Long life ribbon, 13 million characters.
  • 'Clean hands’ ribbon changing ensures no delay, mess or hassle.
  • Low energy consumption in Sleep Mode.

The wide carriage ML5791 is ideal where fast printing, reliability, versatile paper handling and superior quality text is essential. Whether you are printing invoices, purchase orders, spreadsheets, picking lists, call log slips, tickets, receipts or multi-part documents, the ML5791 keeps transactions smooth and your customers happy.

Flexible, Eco-friendly and cost effective
The ML5791 has been developed with eco-friendly technology.  With power consumption of just 1.5w in sleep mode, your running costs and energy consumption are kept to a minimum, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

More paper paths give you flexibility. The three tractor feeding paths handle multi-part forms and continuous paper from either the front, rear or bottom. The two friction feeding paths handle cut-sheets, cards and envelopes from either the front or top.

A selection of pull and push tractors allow permanent stationary loading, for use on demand and handle multi-part and continuous forms more efficiently. detail

arrow product MICROLINE 184 Turbo +

MICROLINE 184 Turbo +

The reliable and affordable printer for industrial and point-of-sale applications

  • Compact size and rugged reliability
  • Oki's unique, high durability 9 pin print head 
  • Multi-part continuous forms handling (original + 3 copies) 
  • Up to 375 characters per second print speed 
  • Resident fonts and barcodes 
  • Ideal for dedicated label printer 
  • Suited to harsh environments 

The Microline 184 Turbo Plus is Oki's smallest dot matrix printer offering perfect print quality at very low cost. High reliability and very compact dimensions make it especially suited for front/back office applications and industrial environments (multipart forms, logs, labels etc.). The Microline 184 Turbo Plus is ideal for integration into measurement and control systems.


arrow product MICROLINE 320 Turbo


High performance, versatile printer for dedicated forms printing

  • RUGGED > Built to last with OKI quality
  • RELIABLE > High durability 9 pin print head
  • FAST > 435 characters per second print speed 
  • PAPER HANDLING > Multi-part paper handling (original + 4 copies) 
  •  PRINT WIDTH > 80 column print width, narrow carriage 8.5"

The Microline 320 Turbo has been especially designed for situations where fast throughput and flexible paper management are required. Outstanding reliability, ease of use and various in-built barcodes makes this printers the ideal tool for industrial, commercial and service environments.


arrow product MICROLINE 791


Superior throughput, versatility and reliability for dedicated forms printing

  • OKI Tank Tough with high durability 24 pin print head
  • Parallel & USB interfaces (internal serial & network options)
  • Up to 473 characters per second print speed 
  • Multi-part paper handling (original + 4 copies) 
  • 136 column 15" wide carriage for wide paper
  • Rear Push Tractor + Bottom Push & Top Pull options
  • ML790 10' 80 column model also available

The Microline 791 has been designed for use in the harshest of operating environments whilst offering the highest levels of flexibility and performance with unparalleled reliability.


arrow product MICROLINE 395


Versatile, reliable, low running costs and high speed from Oki's 24 pin flagship

  • 136 column high-volume dot-matrix printer
  • 24 pin durable printhead
  • 607 characters per second print speed
  • Multi-part paper handling (original + 4 copies)
  • Proven reliability even in hostile environments, heavy duty word and data processing tasks
  • Marketing/sales departments - high speed, letter quality output with the added impact of colour (ML395C)
  • Superb paper handling capabilities for a variety of media

The Microline 395 is a high-speed 24-pin dot-matrix printer especially recommended for high volume data processing requirements. Capable of printing multiple copies, major applications include printing of listings, shipping documents, labels, heavy media etc. The Microline 395 has an in-built push tractor with paper-park facility. The Microline 395C is the colour version of this printer. Excellent for reports, high quality and high volume mailshot requirements that require additional impact and spreadsheets which are also that much clearer with the application of colour highlights.


arrow product MICROLINE 3410


Power, reliability and versatility from a single printer

  • 136 column dot-matrix printer
  • Extremely durable 9 pin printhead with Oki reliability built-in as standard
  • 550 characters per second print speed
  • Multi-part paper handling (original + 7 copies)

The Microline 3410 is a powerful workhorse that has been designed to handle the most data intensive applications with an extremely high print speed coupled with superior copy capability. Main areas of use are high-volume forms applications such as listings, logistics documents, labels, heavy continuous forms etc. Equally at home in offices, warehouses or industrial production environments this printer can withstand extremes in operating conditions. The Microline 3410 comes with an in-built pushtractor with paper-park function. Available options include bottom power-tractor, mechanical pull-tractor and cut-sheet feeders.


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